Since 2011, we have created six new pieces of work, including one commission (Before They Told You What You Are). Each one began life as an experiment based on a proposition – can we do Pride & Prejudice as a panto, making it both funny and feminist? Can we stage Shakespeare’s first tetralogy with only four actors, all of them women? Click on a poster to find out more about the production. For our new writing nights, check out LoveArts. You can also click here for some photos from our fifth birthday party in October 2016.

2016-17: A Season of Violent Women


2012-15: The Many Bennet Outings

 Pride & Prejudice: The Panto Pride & Prejudice: The Panto

2014-15: New versions of Shakespeare and Euripides

Othello Before They Told You What You Are

2011-12: Reworking the Oresteia