“Stop trying to look at me.
I am sick with you.

Medea is the final instalment in our season of violent women. Themes of obsessive love, desperation and motherhood are tested in the intimate space of new The Gallery on The Corner in Tooting.

With a raw, contemporary text by Wendy Haines and an all-female cast, we continue our signature provocative and original work adapting myth that challenges the assumptions we make about women and their actions. The production features SJ Brady, Sinead Costelloe and Rosa Whicker as Medea tries to communicate herself to a room of strangers. Abandoned by her husband for another woman and left with the prospect of destitution, Medea drives herself to a shocking act of violence.

Wendy Haines on adapting Medea: A feminist version of Medea is one with all the hate, bitterness and self-involvement that her human side entails. We can’t sympathise with her actions, but we can relate to the horror that rejection makes us feel. She is not insane, she is not redeemable, and the dragons are real.”

“Haines’ writing is bold and beautiful, using contemporary language but wringing poetry out of despair. The production’s promenade staging is inventive and highly effective. … By Jove pull off one of hardest tricks in theatre by presenting old stories in new ways, and making it seem natural.”

11-14 October @ The Gallery on the Corner, Tooting

Performers SJ Brady, Sinead Costelloe, and Rosa Whicker
Director David Bullen
Movement director Susanna Dye
Producing team Wendy Haines, Vanessa Szymanska, Nicole Savin
Publicity designer Ivo de Jager

With special thanks to Mary-Kay Gamel; David, Vivien & Pete Haines; Robin Osmani and Harry Cardross at The Gallery on the Corner; Tom Spurgin; Ela Gaworzewska; John King; Kai Green; Sophie Fensome; Tulasi Das; Oscar Balfour; Tim & Sue Wicks; Rob Laycock; The Horse & Groom, Streatham Hill; Abel & Cole; and Speedrange Ltd.

You can listen to the recording of the post-show Q&A here.

Check out more photos of the production by company photographer Alexandra Tilling on the blog.


In May 2017, we worked with students in the Department of Drama, Theatre, and Dance at Royal Holloway, University of London on Wendy Haines’ new text for Medea. This essential stage of research and development for the project was kindly facilitated and funded by the department. Over four days, students worked with company members to analyse and explore Haines’ first draft text, culminating in a staged reading for staff, students, and representatives from the theatre industry. You’ll be able to read about the process in an upcoming edition of SPARAGMOS, By Jove’s online journal accompanying the Season of Violent Women. In the meantime, check out some photos below.